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October / November 2003 issue Page 4

 October/November 2003 Now in our thirteenth year.

 The fun starts here

3 This Issue's Featured Website

5 From The Publisher's Desk

6 Letters From The Field

7 If you own a pointing dog and you read only one magazine article this year, THIS should be the one.

10 Taking Your Dog To A Trainer: Part two
By Dennis Guldan

12 How Hot? How Long ?
By Dave Duffey


15 "Cadaver Dog: A Hunting Canine For Finding Detached Human Body Parts And Dead Human Bodies"
By Jerry Thoms
20 Raising Pup Outside In A Pen
By Robert Milner

21 Photos From The Field

23 Tip Of The Month
24 When should I obedience train my pointing dog?
By Bob and Jody Iler

 28 Wood Duck Banding Effort Benefits Iowa Waterfowl Hunters
By Joe Wilkinson

29 A Lab In The Uplands: Tactics That Take Grouse
By Stephen D. Carpenteri

31 The Flight

32 Counting Pheasants
By Joe Wilkinson

35 Has your love affair with the 28 gauge started yet?
By Bill Hanus

38 State News

46 Calendar Of Events For Field Trials & Tests

48 Calendar Of Events For Banquets & Events

51 Calendar Of Events For Gun Shows
52 Birds In The Pan

54 Marketplace

66 The Last Laugh

 CEO & Publisher
Dennis Guldan
Ellen Guldan
Technical Consultants
Ron Guldan
Jazz, Jenny, Ener, Scooby

Senior Editor
Dave Duffey

Gun Editor
Bill Hanus

Editor at Large
Jerry Thoms

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Cover Photo: GSP by Gary Moe, Moe Shorthairs, Chisago City, MN

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