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June / July 2003 issue Page 6

 Dennis, I wanted to thank you for your generous donation and pass on some of the comments I heard about the free subscription cards we put on the banquet tables.
One lady was quite excited when she saw the cards. She told her friend to be certain to take the card and subscribe - that this was one of the best magazines she had seen regarding hunting dogs.
One lady said she hadn't subscribed after her six month subscription stopped and wished she had. I told her to e-mail you or take a card and I was sure you would fix her up with a subscription.
I heard several men moving the cards from their tables so there were enough cards at the next table for their buddies. They said they get the magazine and told their buddies to order this.
I just wanted to pass on some positive comments I heard.
We are having an event this fall. I kept half of the cards back for that event and have asked anyone on the committee who receives the magazine to keep them to show people.
Thank you again. Marcia Battey Cinnamon Teal DU Muscatine, Iowa
Glad the donation was well received. DG
My husband and I met Charlie Whitehurst in the parking lot at Pit Memorial Hospital a week or so ago and he gave us your website. We are looking for a yellow lab. We like the looks of the block head and the lightest shades of the yellow. We actually prefer a mature dog, but a puppy is not out of the question. Help me understand what you mean by a started dog. I think I know but it might be best if I heard it from you. We live on the sound in Kill Devil Hills and have a 39 acre farm on the Meherrin River in Murfreesboro that we visit each weekend. Both are Lab paradises. Could you please let me know what our options might be with you and what you have available. We are both in our fifties and really do not plan to hunt this dog, just have and be a friend for life.
Thank you for any help you can offer. Charlotte W
A started dog is one that is an older dog, perhaps a year old, not a puppy. Usually you would pay a premium for such a dog because of feeding, boarding and vet bills for the year. But you don't need to buy new furniture and carpet.
Most people want a dog like this to get a dog ready to hunt that already has been trained. But what you want is a field trial washout dog. A dog that can be a companion but is not necessarily a good hunter. Go to a few websites and explain like you did with me what you are looking for, as in a companion not a hunting dog. You are a breeders dream for a great dog that may not just have the gusto for the trial circuit. Thanks, DG
Dennis, Where can you get on the phone call a publisher and talk to him? I have the answer- Bird-Dog News. Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Jordan at Kojac Kennels are what you said and more. You can tell right away that Mr. Jordan love's to be with and train dog's. When I talk to Mr. Jordan on the phone he ask me about my self and what I wanted in a GSP. When I told him he said I have a pup in one litter that's a real match for you. He could not have been more right. I'll keep you up to date on my pup. THANK'S Dennis you were very help full. Jim Meyers Sun Prairie WI
Hey Jim, that's one of the reason I make the trips to the breeders so we all can be better informed. I just got back from a weekend in Missouri and I did two on Saturday and made it home that evening. Melrose we'll talk about in this issue... Nitro in the near future. DG
And I thought everyone liked me.
One of the Mooney brothers of L'escarbot French Brittany Kennels of Hampton, MN called up and was pissed at my use of FREEDOM BRITS just before my listing of French Brits... he demanded his money back for his advertising.. a check was gladly sent.
As an ex Air Force, god & country kinda guy, I did not spill a tear... good riddens. My feelings was best summed up by another French Brittany breeder Bill Dillion from Armour, SD who I did an article on last issue... he laughed when I told him about Mr Mooney... and said, well I'm and American first a French Brittany breeder second... enough said. DG
Dennis, send more cards for puppy packets they are very well received by the new puppy owners... from a dozen breeders.
All you need to do is e-mail or US Mail us when your having pups and we'll get some out for free... DG

Keep the letters and pictures coming we'll make room.

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