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 Shooting hours are sunrise to sunset, except in some counties east of the Missouri River, where from Oct. 18 through the end of the season, the dates are the same as the pheasant season.
The state's mourning dove season will be open Sept. 1 through Oct. 17, statewide. The daily limit is 15 with a possession of 30. Shooting hours are sunrise to sunset.
A recent proposal for South Dakota's tundra swan season would change the opening date and slightly decrease the number of permits available.
Game, Fish and Parks State Waterfowl Biologist Spencer Vaa of Brookings said this proposal would change the tundra swan opening date from the beginning of the north zone low plains duck season to the Saturday closest to Oct. 1 in order to comply with the federal framework for tundra swan season dates. Swan hunting would then remain open through the end of the fall light goose hunting season.
Resident tundra swan licenses available would decrease in number from last year's 1325 to 1000 for 2003. Licenses available for nonresidents would go from 175 to 300.
"The recommended decrease is due to a request from North Dakota for a temporary transfer of 200 permits," Vaa said. "An average of 506 resident swan tags have remained unsold over the last five years, so South Dakota resident hunters should not miss out on obtaining a license."
Vaa noted that the understanding with North Dakota is that the 200 permits would be returned if needed in the future. During last years' season, there were 623 resident hunters who had one swan tag and 131 who had two tags. Hunter success during last year's season was 18 percent with most of the harvest occurring in Brown and McPherson counties during the last two weeks of October.
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