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 consecutive days.
Unit 100C - 2,000 early fall Canada goose licenses valid for entire early season in Brown, Marshall, Roberts, Day, Grant, Clark, Codington, Deuel and Hamlin counties.
Unit 100D - 25, 10-day licenses with two Canada goose tags for Bennett County, valid Oct. 25 to Dec. 21.
Unit 100X - 1500 fall 3-consecutive-day licenses valid only on private land in the counties of Potter, Sully, Stanley, Hughes and Lyman.
Unit 100Y - 500, 3-day licenses in Brown, Marshall, Roberts, Day, Grant, Clark, Codington, Deuel and Hamlin counties.
Unit 100S - 10,000 spring snow goose licenses valid for entire conservation order.
Nonresidents can purchase no more than one waterfowl license prior to Nov. 1, but may purchase a second one from Nov. 1-30 if licenses remain. Licenses remaining after Nov. 30 can be purchased on an unlimited basis. Nonresidents are allowed to apply for both an early fall Canada goose license and one of the regular fall licenses.
Special Canada goose units in Fall River, Bennett and Minnehaha counties will again have 1,500 resident hunting permits with 5,100 tags available for specified seasons.
Licenses available per unit include:
Minnehaha Co.- Unit 101A ­ 150 licenses (6-tag permits)
Minnehaha Co. ­ Unit 101B ­ 150 licenses (6-tag permits)
Bennett Co. ­ Unit 111A ­ 300 licenses (2-tag permits)
Bennett Co. ­ Unit 111B ­ 700 licenses (3-tag permits)
Fall River Co. ­ Unit 127A ­ 200 licenses (3-tag permits)
South Dakota's regular and three-day resident-only pheasant seasons have been set with no changes from last year.
For the regular season, Unit 1 will be open Oct. 18 - Dec. 31. Unit 2 will be open Oct. 18 - 26. Sand Lake National Wildlife Refuge in Brown County and Renziehausen Game Production Area and Refuge in Brown/Marshall counties are open the day after the close of the refuge firearms deer season, (Dec. 8 - Dec. 31).
Lacreek National Wildlife Refuge in Bennett County is open from Oct. 18 ­ Dec. 31. Unit 2 (all areas not in Unit 1) includes the counties of Butte, Meade, Lawrence and the portion of Pennington west of the Cheyenne River.
The regular season daily limit for pheasants is three roosters, with a possession limit of 15 roosters taken according to the daily limit. Shooting hours are noon (CDT) to sunset through Oct. 25, and after that from 10 a.m. (CST) to sunset.
The resident-only pheasant season will be open for three-consecutive days beginning the second Saturday in October. Specific dates are Oct. 11-13.
Hunting is open statewide these three days on public hunting lands only. Public lands included are GFP land that is owned, managed or leased by the department and is normally open to public hunting, Walk-In Areas that the department leases, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Waterfowl Production Areas, Army Corps of Engineers land adjacent to the Missouri River, Forest Service National Grasslands, and Bureau of Reclamation land will be open to public hunting. Only those public road rights-of-way adjacent to public hunting areas open to hunting will be open to hunting for this early 3-day season.
The 3-day season daily limit is three rooster pheasants with a possession limit of nine taken according to the daily limit. Shooting hours are from noon till sunset daily.
South Dakota's basic small game seasons were recently set for 2003.
The gray partridge season will run Sept. 20 through Dec. 31 for most of the state. However, several counties in the eastern part of the state (Unit 2) will be open for partridge Oct. 18 through Dec. 31.
The daily partridge limit is five, with a possession limit of 15.

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