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June / July 2003 issue Page 19

 athletic dogs accustomed to running or jumping. Or it can be rolled across the ground for those canines less inclined to vigorous physical activity.
Sight, Scent, Sound Training System
"One of the biggest problems in teaching a young dog to retrieve or in tuning up the retrieving skills of an older dog is keeping them interested in looking for, finding, and fetching up dummies or game birds," in the opinion of Randy Bartz, designer and manufacturer of the "Sight, Scent, Sound Training System." Using a combination of black and white dummies, black and white "Streamers," and black and white ground flags, all with the aroma of game bird added to them, Bartz appeals to the seeing, smelling, and hearing ability of any dog as a way to increase a retriever's success in fetching.
"Black and white dummies, streamers, and ground flags provide a broad range of visibility in all kinds of weather, water, or terrain conditions," Bartz says. "Putting the streamers on these dummies also creates a 'sound effect' similar to the flapping of bird wings as the dummy flies through the air. Then adding commercially available bird scent to the dummies, to the streamers, and to the ground flags provides yet another 'sensory dimension' by which a dog can find a dummy in the field," Bartz -emphasizes. "Training success is greater, quicker, and easier when dummies have the appearance, smell, and sound of real waterfowl and upland game birds," Bartz believes.
Dead Fowl Trainers
"Making the transition from standard light-weight, cylinder shape canvas or plastic dummies to real game birds can sometimes be a problem for gun dogs," in the estimation of Tim Dokken, the inventor and maker of "Dead Fowl Trainers." The idea of Dokken's Dead Fowl training tools is to have a dummy that "looks," "feels," and "smells" like an actual dead duck, goose, or upland game bird.
"For many dogs picking up their first "real" duck or pheasant can be a traumatic experience because the bird doesn't took at all like the 'training' dummies they previously have been retrieving," Dokken says. "Some dogs won't pick up a real bird at all, some will pick it up by the head or foot, and some might grab the bird and shake it all bad habits to be avoided from the beginning," Dokken feels his "Dead Fowl" concept is the solution to these problems.

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