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 I just got back from the vet, what has happened to vet bills? Mine was double what it was a couple of years ago, any one have any suggestions?
Take your dog to Petco or some of the dog places have annual shot days for about half that. I save a bundle. You can also buy meds online.
Yea, and then what is going to happen to your vet. There is more to a vet visit then pumping drugs in your dog, there's also a physical. Will Petco or some internet company be there at 2 AM when you have a sick dog. Local vet clinic are under a lot of pressure, more than most businesses during recessions. When money gets tight, people skip things, the annual vet bill is one of the first to go. Do the vets need to do something to lower their prices and perhaps not treat every possible disease? Yes. Do we need to support them in these tough times? Well if we want a neighborhood vet who can get us out of a jam at 2 AM we need to pay those higher vet bills, albeit with a bit of whining.


I adopted Roscoe 8 months ago. He is really a great dog and loves to run. His problem is that he gets so excited that he bolts and won't come back to you when you call him or chase after him. He puts that nose of his to the ground and runs at a full gallop. He looks right at me when I call him back but will not come to me! I live in a city environment so this behavior is particularly dangerous. I am very careful about shutting doors and the fence gate, but I live in fear that he is always wanting to bolt off. Does anyone have any advice or tips to correct this behavior?
This is a classic case for either a long checkchord or an e-collar. It sounds like you have control until he is off the lead, you just need to extend the reach of your control, either will do, there are advantages of each. A checkcord is cheap but doesn't work well in the woods. An E-collar though a bit more expensive is a whole lot cheaper than a new dog if this one runs out on the road out of control.
Does anyone know where I can buy a good used e-collar? I'm not made of money like some of you guys?
Get a hold of Collar Clinic they have some great deals on used and refurbished stuff. Their number is 800-430-2010.
I'm looking for a good collar, I have seen Tri-tronics, Innotek, Dog-Tra and a bunch of others... What's the best?
Tri-Tronics is the first and the best, you can find better deals but no better collar.

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