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April / May 2003 issue Page 7

 I have a 9 month old springer, I would like to hunt with him. I have no idea how or when to start. I have been messing around with old socks, when I say get the bird he go through the house to find it. Then he brings it back to me. If anyone can give any help.
Your pup is at about the right age to be trained. I would suggest that you try and find a professional trainer in your area. If this is not possible you may want to look into buying a few books to help you on your way. Remember that you are not a professional so don't expect those kinds of results.
I have a 9 week old puppy she likes to snap at your face and biting when you pet her. I understand that puppys do that but when is enough. I tell her No Bite! but sometimes she doesn't listen.
Try holding the dogs mouth closed while forcefully saying NO!
I just got a 9 week old lab puppy. We have been crate training and everything is great. She sleeps, gets up twice a night right on schedule. The problem is she wakes up at 4:00 am and will not go back to bed. What should I do?
Exercise pup before bed
I have a dummy that I put a duck scent on but when I tell her to go get it she runs to it sits down and chews on it and will not bring it back what can I do to get her to return the dummy?
A few questions: How old is the dog? 8 weeks, What kind of dog is it? Springer What kind of training has the dog had thus far? Nothing because she is still so young but I was trying to get an early start because she already sits on command and is house broken.
You're going to have to cut her a little slack. She is just a baby so be patient. Retrieving instincts are much stronger in the retriever breeds than the spaniel breeds so it may take some time, training and patience to teach the pup to retrieve.
Try tossing something lighter in weight like a rolled up sock or paint roller for the pup to chase. If she picks it up and returns to you with it praise the dickens out of her.
Keep the retrieving sessions short, 2 or 3 opportunities ONLY for a pup this young. Don't overdo it, She will get bored with the game.
Concentrate on teaching the pup her basic obedience skills. Those skills will be the foundation that everything else will be built on later.

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